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Reunion Photo Download Page!

There are two sets of photos!  The Small Size photos are those that you see presented here in the galleries.  They have been reduced to make them load faster for presentation on this website.  The Large Size photos are just as they were taken, usually they are 8.5 inch by 6.4 inch.  The difference is that the zipped files of small photos are much smaller.  The zip files for large photos listed below are very large and will take some time to download to your computer.

Just click on the set which you wish to download and your computer should prompt you to save the file on your hard drive.

The photos are zipped ("zipped" just means that they are compressed to make the transfer quicker) into sets just as you see them presented in the Reunion Galleries page, each gallery is represented by a zip file shown below.  You can see what the set is from the title below.  Zip software can be downloaded from the internet if you do not have it on your computer (you will need it to "unzip" the zip files once you have downloaded them).  Check for zip software at:  http://www.winzip.com/.

The download files are quite large even though zipped, so download will take some time, especially if you are connected to the internet with a 56k modem.  It's not bad if you are on cable.  At any rate, if you wish to have these photos and can not download, send me a request, to the email address below, and I will send you the photos on a CD.  Click here for more on downloads.

Small Size Photos

ReunionPhotoGallery1-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery2-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery3-M.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery4-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery5-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery6-M.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery7-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery8-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery9-M.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery10-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery11-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery12-M.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery13-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery14-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery15-M.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery16-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery17-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery18-M.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery19-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery20-M.zip ReunionPhotoGallery21-M.zip

Large Size Photos

ReunionPhotoGallery1.zip ReunionPhotoGallery2.zip ReunionPhotoGallery3.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery4.zip ReunionPhotoGallery5.zip ReunionPhotoGallery6.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery7.zip ReunionPhotoGallery8.zip ReunionPhotoGallery9.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery10.zip ReunionPhotoGallery11.zip ReunionPhotoGallery12.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery13.zip ReunionPhotoGallery14.zip ReunionPhotoGallery15.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery16.zip ReunionPhotoGallery17.zip ReunionPhotoGallery18.zip
ReunionPhotoGallery19.zip ReunionPhotoGallery20.zip  


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Last modified: 10/29/14