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How to download an individual photo.

Assumption:  This advise assumes you are running a Windows based PC, with Windows98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 7 as the operating system.  These instructions won't work for a MAC.

First go into a photo gallery (in order to download a photo you must first click on it to make it full size on your screen).  Now select the photo you want from the thumbnail size photos, and click on it so it becomes full size.  With the photo at full size on your screen, put your pointer (mouse arrow) in the middle of it and then click your right-side mouse button (the button on the right side of the mouse; if you are left handed you will click the left-side button, assuming you have set up your computer for left-hand mouse operation.)  Once the right-side mouse is clicked you will see a menu which looks like this (click here to see the menu).  Now click on the item called "Save Picture As", then you will see a screen which allows you to select the drive and folder to save the picture in, and also to name the picture file (Click here to see this screen).  Select a folder, drive and name for the file, then click on Save.  The picture will be downloaded and placed on your hard drive as designated.

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Last modified: 09/10/15