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How to download a photo zip file.

Assumption:  This advise assumes you are running a Windows based PC, with Windows98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP as the operating system.  These instructions won't work for a MAC.

First go into the Photo Downloads page (it can be clicked from the Reunion Photos page).  There you will see a table containing the names of the zipped photo files.  These names are approximately the same as the click buttons, so if you have viewed a set you like, the zip file will be named about the same as the set name.  Place your pointer (mouse arrow) over the name of the zip file which you want to download and click it.  The "File Download" screen will appear.  Click on Save, at the bottom of the screen.  The "Save As" screen will appear.  On this screen you can select the drive and folder in which to save the file, and you can name it if you don't like the name it came with (which will be the default).  Once that is done, click on Save.  You will see the "progress screen" appear.  Once the file has been completely downloaded you will see the "Download Complete" screen.  Click Close at the bottom of the screen.  Now you have the zipped photos on your hard drive.  Note:  you will need zip software to "unzip" the file you just downloaded.  If none is present on your computer you can download a free version from http://www.winzip.com/.

Now go to the folder you saved the zip file in, and click on the filename, which will end in ".zip".  Once you click on it, your zip software will take over and offer you the opportunity to unzip the file.  Once unzipped you will have individual copies of each of the photos in the set.  These photos can be viewed with any browser, or with a photo album software if you have it on your computer.  They can also be adjusted, cropped, resized and printed on photo quality paper if you have a good quality ink jet printer.

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Last modified: 10/29/14