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Class of '65  S - T

Name Known Address Deceased  
Karen Sampson (Holloway) Yes    
Darrel Scherlie Yes    
Lynn Schmutz Yes    
Dennis Schnell Yes    
Walter Schueth Yes    
Todd Schultz   Yes  
Judy Schumacher (McLaughlin) Yes    
Marcia Schumacher (Roberts) Yes    
Peggy Schumacher (Maher) Yes    
Carl Schwenn Yes    
Sandy See (Warne) Yes    
Lyssa Shadrick (Bingman) Yes    
Carol Sheffer (Adams) Yes    
Paul Sherburne Yes    
Terry Smith Yes    
Gaylord Sonnenschein Yes    
Kathy Specker Yes Yes  
Cheryl Stageberg (Holland) Yes    
Bonnie Stock (Sejba) Yes    
Lyle Stuart Yes    
Maureen Suiter (Richardson) Yes    
Mike Suiter Yes    
Sandra Tagtow (Smith) Yes    
Terri Telford (Wheeler) Yes    
Clayton Theobald Yes    
Karen Thompson (Jones)   Yes  
Sandra Thompson (Manderfeld) Yes    
Shirley Tilber (Winckler)   Yes  
Art Tourville Yes    

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