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Class of '65  M - N

Name Known Address Deceased  
Thomas Maher Yes    
Fred McCarrol Yes    
Lyle McCaughey Yes    
Penne McDonald   Yes  
John McInnis Yes    
Carol McIlvery (Van Roekel) Yes    
Sally Metzinger Yes    
Becky Meyer (Rapp) Yes    
Monte Michaelson Yes    
Dan Miles No    
Faye Miller (Hoppe)   Yes  
Ron Mills Yes    
Paul Mitchell Yes    
Robert Moore Yes    
Patricia Murphy (Grohs) Yes    
Jean Myers (Jeitz) Yes    
Nancy Neiber Yes    
Carol Nelson (Jahn) Yes    
Janet Neuharth (Kennedy) Yes    
Janice Newlon (Cass) Yes    
Thomas Noble Yes    
Mike Norton No    
Marie Novak (Lovell) Yes    

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