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Class of '65 I - L

Name Known Address Deceased  
Linda Ice (Theobald) Yes    
Arno Illig Yes    
Kenneth Iversen Yes    
Linda Iverson   Yes  
Roger Jacobs   Yes  
Rollie Jager   Yes  
George James Yes    
Linda Johnson (Flannery) Yes    
Bill Josewski   Yes  
Phyllis Keith Yes    
Elizabeth Kelly (Winger) Yes    
Raymond Kelly Yes    
Patty Keys (Nelson) Yes    
Pat Kieffer (Landeen) Yes    
Karen Kinsella Yes    
Maryellen Kleinsasser   Yes  
Linda Larson Yes    
Randy LeBeau Yes    
David Lindekugel Yes    
Jane Loers (Morey)   Yes  
Ken (Gene) Long   Yes  
Renee Long (Balogh) Yes    

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