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Class of '65  G - H

Name Known Address Deceased  
Janet Gage Yes    
Kay Gerlach (Durham) Yes    
Nancy Gilles (Carothers) Yes    
Sandra Gordon (Curtis)   Yes  
Patsy Grage (Kringel) Yes    
Cheryl Graves (Hyde) Yes    
Gail Gray (Fleury) Yes    
Arthur Gregg Yes    
James Groff   Yes  
Jean Grubbs (Hoeppner) Yes    
David Hall Yes    
Nancy Hanson Yes    
Phil Hanson Yes    
Richard Harding Yes    
Don Henrichsen Yes    
Anna Hoeppner (Masteller) Yes    
Wrenda Herther Yes    
Darwin Heuer Yes    
Suzanne Hickman (Buchholz) Yes    
Leonard Hicks Yes    
Cheryl Hinsey (Renville) Yes    
Barbara Hodgins (Wood) Yes    
Judy Hoffman (Shaw) Yes    
Karen Hosman (Dewall) Yes    
Pam Hubbard (Lezotta) Yes    
Ronald Huber   Yes  
Warren Huber Yes    
Kathy Huckfeldt (Stark) No    
Pat Huckfeldt (Winter) Yes    
Larry Huebner Yes    
Lavern Hunsley Yes    
Harlow Hyde Yes    

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