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Class of '65  D - F

Name Known Address Deceased  
Diane Davis (Larsen) Yes    
Frances Jean Dewitt (Robbins) Yes    
Judy Disburg (Smith) Yes    
Robert Doren Yes    
Dennis Douglas Yes    
Cathleen Ducey (Pendowski) Yes    
Colleen Ducey (Gurley) Yes    
Stanley Durston Yes    
Ted Ecker Yes    
Bernard Elliott Yes    
Burton Elliott Yes    
Gloria Ellwanger (Merriam) Yes    
Josephine Engelhaupt (Stertz) Yes    
Rita Engelhaupt (Wehri) Yes    
Cheryl Ensz (Williams) Yes    
Dana Erickson Yes    
Thomas Fargen Yes    
Pamela Fillmore (Schnell) Yes    
James Flannery Yes    
Courtney Flatau   Yes  
Gary Fleishacker Yes    
Paul Forney Yes    
Barbara Fortchner (Crandall) Yes    
Eileen Frasier (Shultz) No    
Lynora Fratzke (Swartzel) Yes    
John Frei Yes    
Dennis French Yes    
Carol Frost (Ree) Yes    

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