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Photo File Sending Suggestions:

Ideally I would like to work with photos  ".jpg" format.  Generally the .jpg format is what you will get from your digital camera, the .gif format is not good for pictures.  If you have digital pictures from your own camera, they will tend to be quite large and take a long time to upload with your email.  If you have the capability to "reduce" the size of these files please do so, if not I will deal with them once they are here.  The file size which I try to use on the website ranges from 40k to 80k, bigger than that and the response time becomes very slow.

If you are scanning old pictures, then saving them in the format of your choosing, please use .jpg.  Again, size of file will vary with the size of photo you scanned, and the dot density you chose to scan it at (please scan at no less than 300 dpi).  If you have no scanner, you can get digital copies made at any office supply store (Office Max, Staples, etc.).  If you can email these files to me I will deal with the size and condition before I publish them. 

The general way to email them is to open your email software, create a message to me, larryk@riggshighclassof65.com, put a description of the photo in the body of the email, then click on Attach, and browse to the photo, select it and click Open or OK to attach it to the message.  You can attach more than one photo to a message, but remember if you do so then sending the email will take a long time.

If you need more specific info, please email me with your questions, include the type of photo, the source (scanned or original), the type of email software you use, and any other information which will help to define your situation.  I will try to give specific direction to get the photo emailed in.

Thanks for your interest and effort in support of our website.


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Last modified: 10/29/14